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    CDM health and safety files

    CDM Health and Safety File Preparation Support

    Get expert guidance on CDM health and safety file preparation to improve your safety standards on your building projects. 

    Preparing Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Health and Safety files for building projects involves navigating various challenges. Consistency in updates, striking the right balance between detail and simplicity, facilitating a smooth handover process and documenting unique project aspects are all common hurdles.

    In our role as CDM consultants, we offer a full range of support in preparing the CDM Health and Safety file. Our expertise lies in the provision of detailed input during the pre-construction phase, ensuring the file is tailored to the specific characteristics of the project. 

    Through our support, the preparation of the CDM Health and Safety file becomes a streamlined process, ensuring full compliance with regulations and a robust safety management system.

    Why CDM health and safety files matter

    Health and Safety files support with enhancing safety standards and managing risks. Compliance with the CDM 2015 is mandatory, and these files constitute a significant part of this compliance. They are more than documents; they are management and information tools essential for a safe and healthy working environment.

    The primary purpose of the Health and Safety File is to collate and provide crucial health and safety information. This information aids in managing risks during any future work on the structure or site. It serves as a legal record and a requirement under CDM 2015, focusing on the health and safety aspects of a site or structure.

    Our approach

    We advocate for a practical and common-sense approach in crafting CDM Health and Safety files. These documents should not be a maze; they should be easy to read and navigate, ensuring that the information you need is readily available.

    Our team, well-versed in CDM regulations, offers expertise in complying with these. Through systematic approaches, training programs, and clear communication, we ensure consistency in updates, strike the right balance in documentation, and support a smooth handover process. Our tailored solutions consider the unique aspects of each project, ensuring compliance and enhancing overall safety standards.

    Embracing the latest technology, we offer fully indexed PDF documents as our preferred format. Not only are these files easier to search through, but they also align with environmentally friendly practices.

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    What a compliant file includes

    Ensuring compliance with CDM regulations, our expert team provides a range of services to create a thorough and compliant Health and Safety file for your construction project. We can offer support in creating a compliant file across the following areas:


    • Work description - Crafting a concise and comprehensive description of the work carried out, meeting regulatory requirements.
    • Hazardous materials - Detailed documentation of hazardous materials used, ensuring accurate reporting and safety standards adherence.
    • Structural principles - compiling information about key structural principles, offering insights critical for safety management.
    • Maintenance manuals and method statements - Preparing and including maintenance manuals and method statements, providing essential guidelines for future operations.
    • Backup safety arrangements - developing and documenting backup safety arrangements for a comprehensive safety net in unforeseen circumstances.

    Key documents required

    Ensuring a comprehensive and compliant Health and Safety file, our services extend to the preparation and inclusion of key documents vital for regulatory adherence. Our offerings include:


    Understanding the format of the file

    Understanding that the CDM Health and Safety file lacks a prescribed structure, we offer specialised services to ensure your file is clear, accessible, and easy to comprehend.


    Our team collaborates with both the client and the Principal Designer to agree upon a mutually beneficial format that is user-friendly and logically organised. Our expertise includes incorporating essential features such as a well-structured table of contents and a detailed project description to enhance the overall usability of the file.


    The Five Parts of a CDM File


    We provide comprehensive support to organise your CDM file into five key sections, ensuring clarity and effectiveness. These sections include:


    • Project information
    • Hazards and risks
    • Control measures
    • Health and safety arrangements
    • Documentation

    Handover process of the CDM file

    Recognising the critical role of the handover process in ensuring the availability of essential health and safety information for future works, our services encompass expert support through every stage. We can support with:


    • Secure transfer
    • Compliance with regulations
    • Transfer records


    Importance of Timely Handover


    The handover process, crucially shared between the Principal Designer and the client, is executed promptly upon project completion. We understand the significance of a timely handover in upholding safety standards, preventing inadequate preparation, minimising risk, and ensuring clarity on safety measures for future works.


    Addressing handover challenges


    Our services extend to addressing challenges commonly faced in the handover process. From mitigating miscommunication and inadequate planning to clarifying responsibilities and overcoming digital barriers, we offer a well-planned and coordinated approach. Our expertise ensures a smooth transition, emphasising the importance of effective handover for maintaining safety standards in construction projects.

    CDM Health and Safety files in 2007 vs 2015

    The CDM Health and Safety regulations experienced substantial revisions in 2015, introducing a simplified structure and highlighting the client's role.


    Ensuring compliance and effective health and safety management requires a thorough understanding of these changes. Our support includes expert guidance to understand the changes in CDM regulations, keeping you informed and equipped to meet the evolving requirements.


    We provide comprehensive support in adapting to the updated framework, emphasising the importance of staying ahead of regulatory updates. 

    Common mistakes in preparing CDM files

    Our support focuses on CDM file preparation to eliminate common mistakes such as inaccurate project details, inconsistent updates, faulty risk assessments, lack of documented safe access, neglecting specific duties, and improper handover. We ensure accuracy and usability to enhance the overall effectiveness of the file.


    Misinterpretation of Requirements


    We provide expert support to prevent misinterpretation issues by ensuring a clear understanding of the file preparation requirements. Our CDM experts guide you in understanding the purpose, correctly interpreting regulations, and accurately judging the scope. This proactive approach minimises errors in interpreting CDM regulations.


    Incomplete or Incorrect Information Included


    To prevent serious implications, our services focus on including accurate and complete information in the Health and Safety file. We emphasise the importance of avoiding omissions, ensuring data accuracy, and incorporating only relevant information. Our goal is to enhance the file's effectiveness by maintaining the integrity of the information.

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