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    CDM Support for Principal Contractors

    CDM Principal Designer and CDM Advisor Services

    Build safely with our expert CDM Principal Designer and CDM Advisor support and tailored solutions. 

    As clients in the industry, you are undoubtedly aware of the challenges posed by legal compliance, risk mitigation, and health and safety during the pre-construction phase.

    This is where our Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Advisors/Principal Designers come into play. Recognising the multifaceted nature of your projects, we understand the importance of overcoming challenges.

    Our CDM Principal Designers take charge of ensuring legal compliance with critical regulations, while our CDM Advisors provide essential guidance on design processes, risk mitigation, and health and safety.

    The importance of pre-construction information

    Pre-construction information (PCI) is vital in the realm of construction, particularly in the roles of CDM Principal Designer and CDM Advisor. It serves two primary functions:

    • It brings together health and safety considerations of the designs under the control of the CDM Principal Designer during its development.
    • It plays a crucial role in the tender documentation.

    PCI is the information required to allow safe designs to be developed. It enables the Principal Contractor to plan and manage the construction phase of the project. It is responsible for providing the necessary health and safety information needed by designers, contractors, principal designers, and principal contractors for planning, managing, and monitoring their duties effectively. 

    The CDM Principal Designer plays a significant role in the pre-construction phase. They are responsible for planning, managing, and monitoring health and safety in the pre-construction phase of a project. This is to ensure, as far as is reasonably practicable, that construction projects are designed and managed without risks to health or safety.

    Our approach

    Our commitment to being your project enabler is ingrained in our approach. We have a dedicated team of CDM Advisors and CDM Principal Designers who not only comprehend their responsibilities but also excel in executing them, ensuring the smooth progression of your building project.

    Foremost among our priorities is the protection of your workforce, end users, and dutyholders, aligning with legal mandates. However, we also understand the necessity of maintaining a focus on project deliverables and targets. To this end, we endeavor to streamline our role, removing unnecessary bureaucracy and directing our efforts toward achieving your project goals.

    We acknowledge the uniqueness of each project. We opt for a personalised approach. Our process involves a thorough understanding of the specific risks associated with your scheme, allowing us to engage in meaningful discussions about the level of involvement required to manage those risks effectively.

    Our CDM Principal Designer solutions

    We act as the CDM Principal Designer to ensure consideration of health and safety throughout your project's development.

    The CDM Regulations underwent a significant change in April 2015. This change brought forth the replacement of the CDM Co-ordinator role with the CDM Principal Designer, placing an emphasis on influencing the design during the pre-construction phase.

    Our role as your CDM Principal Designer includes a range of services aimed at ensuring the highest standards of health and safety throughout your construction project's development.

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    The role of a CDM Principal Designer

    Our Principal Designers coordinate health and safety during the pre-construction phase, a responsibility that was often outsourced under the 2007 regulations. This shift aims to embed the CDM Principal Designer within the project team, ensuring a direct influence on the design process, minimising extra costs and enhancing overall project safety.

    Duties and responsibilities of a CDM Principal Designer

    The CDM Principal Designer's duties span across various aspects of the pre-construction phase.

    • Informing the client of their duties under the regulations.
    • Planning, managing, and monitoring health and safety in the pre-construction phase.
    • Helping compile pre-construction information and distributing it to designers and contractors.
    • Preparing, reviewing, updating, and revising the health and safety file throughout the project.
    • Liaising with the principal contractor to assist in planning, managing, monitoring, and coordinating the construction phase.
    • Ensuring general principles of prevention are considered.
    • Ensuring cooperation among all parties involved in the pre-construction phase.
    • Verifying the skills, knowledge, and experience of designers and their organisational capability.
    • Facilitating the option for residential clients to transfer their duties to the CDM Principal Designer through a written agreement.

    Appointment and timing of a CDM Principal Designer

    We recommend the appointment of a CDM Principal Designer as early as possible in the design process, preferably at the concept stage and at least before the start of the construction phase. Early appointment allows for effective planning and management of both pre-construction and construction phases.

    Our CDM Advisor solutions

    Our CDM Advisor solutions are designed to help clients, Principal Designers, or Principal Contractors understand the CDM 2015 regulations. These solutions include providing advice on health and safety in the design process, risk mitigation strategies, and ensuring compliance with current legislation.

    With our CDM Advisor solutions, you’ll receive expert support tailored to your project's needs. 

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    The Role of a CDM Advisor

    Our CDM Advisor often support the CDM Principal Designer or the client in ensuring compliance with the CDM 2015. We provide  advice on the processes involved in construction design, risk mitigation measures, best practices for health and safety, and up-to-date legislation. Our CDM Advisor's input can significantly influence the project's adherence to health and safety standards.

    In projects where the client or Principal Contractor may face constraints in time, resources, or competence to fully comply with duties under the CDM 2015, our CDM Advisors step in to bridge this gap. Our expertise ensures that every facet of the project remains within the bounds of safety regulations.

    Duties and responsibilities of CDM Advisors

    The solutions we offer, through the role of a CDM Advisor, include a set of duties and responsibilities that contribute to the safety of your project.


    • Health and Safety Executive (HSE) notification - We undertake the task of notifying the HSE when necessary. This ensures prompt responses to potential health and safety issues. 
    • Appointment of Dutyholders - Our services include the formal appointment of dutyholders in writing. This establishes clarity and accountability throughout the project, contributing to effective project management.
    • Implementation of 'Suitable Management' arrangements - We ensure the establishment of 'suitable management' arrangements, facilitating the smooth running of the project by providing a structured approach to safety and regulatory compliance.
    • Provision of relevant information prior to construction - Offering all relevant information before the construction phase is fundamental for risk assessment and safety planning. Our approach ensures comprehensive data for informed decision-making.
    • Conduction and assistance in design safety review meetings - We conduct and assist in design safety review meetings, ensuring that all design aspects align with safety regulations and standards.
    • Design risk management guidance and documentation - Providing guidance and documentation for design risk management is part of our service offering. This ensures the maintenance of high safety standards throughout the project.
    • Assistance in compilation and issuance of pre-construction information - We assist in the compilation and issuance of pre-construction information, a component for informed decision-making during the design and planning process.
    • Preparation and issuance of the health and safety file - Our services extend to assisting with the preparation and issuance of the health and safety file, offering a record of health and safety information for the project.

    Services provided by our CDM Advisors

    The services we offer as a CDM Advisor comprise a flexible array tailored to meet the specific requirements of your project. Key services include:


    • Compliance advisory - Offering guidance on the application of CDM 2015, ensuring alignment of all project activities with these regulations.
    • Risk management advisory - Providing advice on the identification, assessment, and mitigation of health and safety risks throughout the project lifecycle.
    • Health and safety file maintenance - Similar to the CDM Principal Designer, our CDM Advisors can support in the creation and ongoing maintenance of your project's health and safety file.
    • Training - Delivering comprehensive training to the project team on CDM 2015, creating a culture of health and safety within your project environment.
    • Inspection and auditing - Conducting site inspections and audits to verify compliance with health and safety best practices and legislation.

    The difference between a CDM Coordinator and a CDM Advisor

    The terms CDM Coordinator and CDM Advisor in the context of construction often cause confusion. The CDM Coordinator role, formerly known as the CDM Coordinator, was replaced by the CDM Principal Designer role in 2015 with the changes in CDM Regulations. The CDM Advisor, on the other hand, is a distinct role that supports either the Principal Designer or the client in meeting their legal obligations under the CDM 2015.


    While a CDM Coordinator used to manage health and safety during pre-construction, the CDM Principal Designer now fulfills this role. Unlike a CDM Coordinator, a CDM Advisor doesn't have control over the design phase but offers expert advice to help the client comply with CDM 2015.

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