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    SOCOTEC Acquires ITM Monitoring

    Thu 03/08/2018 - 12:26

    SOCOTEC, the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services has announced the acquisition of Calyx Investments Ltd, the holding company for the UK’s leading geotechnical and structural monitoring specialists, ITM Monitoring Ltd.

    ITM Monitoring is acknowledged as a leader in the supply, installation and monitoring of small to large scale projects which involve the movement of earth, rock and concrete structures affected by natural instability, demolition or construction, providing critical measurement, monitoring and data delivery. 

    Ian Sparks, CEO of SOCOTEC UK explains:

    “ITM offer a service that very much complements our existing monitoring services, and supports our ongoing ambition to become a single provider with multiple technical disciplines in the Infrastructure & Energy and the Environment & Safety sectors. The acquisition further strengthens our position in the UK market and provides significant opportunities within the infrastructure sector.”

    Ian Sparks, CEO, SOCOTEC UK

    Jon Scott, managing director of ITM Monitoring said: “Having seen ITM though 30 years of development, this is an exciting step for ITM as we join an ambitious and like-minded group. We have worked with many of the SOCOTEC team in the past and look forward to developing the clear synergies of the two organisations with people we already know. The strength and support we now gain will undoubtedly move ITM up to a new level.” 

    For further information on ITM Monitoring visit http://www.itmmonitoring.com/  

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