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    contaminated soil doubled

    Capacity for Geotechnical Testing of Contaminated Soil Doubled

    Fri 10/03/2017 - 03:55

    The laboratory, which specialises in Geotechnical testing of soil, can now handle larger volumes of soil from contaminated sites classified as “Red” by the British Drilling Association. This particular geotechnical testing takes place in a designated part of the laboratory known internally as “the red lab”. The laboratory analysis, or “red testing”, provides an assessment of soil characteristics, including drainage potential, stability and engineering potential in relation to the proposed end use. The capabilities of “the red lab” allows for the safe testing of soil that is potentially contaminated with traces of hydrocarbons, heavy metals, or even asbestos.

    This latest investment has more than doubled the geotechnical laboratory’s capacity for contaminated soil testing and allows ESG to continue to provide its clients with an unrivalled contaminated land analysis service. What’s more, as the location is remaining the same and the technical expertise is kept in-house, all that clients will see from this investment is benefits, with no disruption to their usual service.

    The extended facility includes state of the art equipment such as upgraded extraction systems to ensure the safest possible working conditions. Moreover, there are designated “clean and dirty” areas of the laboratory, where Laboratory Technicians can get changed into, and out of, their personal protective equipment and ensure all of the potentially contaminated soil stays within the red lab.

    Jim Murphy, managing director, Infrastructure Services, ESG said: “Commitment to providing a quality client service is of the highest importance to ESG, and doubling the capacity at our contaminated soil facility in Doncaster is a good example of how we are investing to provide this.  Our continued focus on progression, with new equipment, is set to reduce turnaround times to improve levels of service further.”

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