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    Appointed Pagabo National Framework

    Wed 26/10/2016 - 03:27

    ESG, the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, has earned a place on Pagabo’s latest National Framework for Professional Services in Construction and Premises.

    The National OJEU compliant framework for Professional Services in Construction and Premises is to be managed by Pagabo, which aims to offer frameworks that are responsive, simple and flexible. Pagabo recognises that public sector organisations need to get more value out of their procurement processes whilst maintaining compliance. As such, the company describes itself as the bridge that results in better, more flexible public sector procurement solutions and their frameworks are designed to enable the best value solution to be provided.

    The National Framework for Professional Services has been established to provide public sector clients with an OJEU compliant route to commissioning professional services to support the ongoing management and development of premises and property portfolios in the built environment. ESG is one of 55 carefully selected providers across 15 service lots and 6 regional areas.

    ESG has been appointed under Lot 12, provision of professional consultancy services for commissions requiring Asbestos Consultancy, due to its expertise in asbestos management. Likewise, it has been successful in Lot 13, provision of professional consultancy services for commissions requiring specialist Water / Legionella Consultancy to support the maintenance and management of property portfolios, because of its high quality Legionella management services.

    Pagabo’s objective is to deliver a wide and capable supplier base with a good mix of SMEs, localised supply chains and national providers, ensuring that all public sector clients can choose a supplier that meets their project objectives. Given that ESG works from sites all over the UK, it is perfectly placed to support this aim.

    Norman Sleeth, managing director of ESG’s Built Environment Services, said: “ESG has a long history of offering complementary asbestos management and legionella management to help our clients remain compliant. It is testament to our technical expertise and leading procedures, as well as our real time digital management system, ESGi, that we have been accepted on the National Framework for Professional Services for both Asbestos Consultancy and Legionella Management.”