FAQs Cobra Cyclone Separator

The use of Cobra hydro-cyclone separation can be a major asset in maintaining the cleanliness of closed water and glycol systems by removing corrosive matter, sludge and debris which are the major problems associated with closed circuit systems.

What is a Cobra Cyclone Separator?

A Cobra Cyclone Separator (or CSF-CRS unit) is a comprehensive packaged unit for the side stream filtration of closed and open circuit water systems.

All water systems experience problems such as corrosion, scaling and fouling which can cause high energy consumption and poor heat transfer. The use of a cyclonic separation removes up to 98% of corrosion products, sludge and debris, therefore maintaining the cleanliness of the system and ensuring it performs at its optimum levels for many years.

How does a Cobra Cyclone Separator work?

Driven by the inlet pressure, the water or liquid with particles enters the top chamber at a tangent causing a rotation, and accelerates through the tangential slots/holes in the top section of the separator, down into the centre section of the separator. This flow creates rapid rotation within the centre sector.

The rotation of the liquid forms a vortex in the centre of the separator. The centrifugal action forces the separation of heavy particles from the water. The separated particles accumulate in the bottom collection chamber where they are periodically purged.

How it works - download our infographic

Where can I use Cobra Cyclone Separators?

  • Closed circuits (LPHW, MPHW, chilled etc)
  • Open evaporative cooling systems
  • Glycol circuits
  • Numerous process water applications

What are the advantages to using Cobra Cyclone separation?

Cobra Cyclone Separators have no moving parts or filter elements, screens, bags or media which require periodic inspection and/or replacement. Therefore, they have many advantages compared to conventional filtration methods, including:

  • Lower chemical costs by reducing potential bacteriological food sources
  • Maintain design heat transfer levels by removing the sludge and debris which would otherwise build up and lead to higher energy consumption and poor circulation, with inconsistent environmental control within the building
  • Protect and extend the life of your systems
  • With the use of SOCOTEC’s Closed Recovery System (CRS), you can eliminate purged water losses, which means no requirement to make-up the system, introducing fresh mains oxygenated and bacteriologically contaminated water (even at low levels). It also avoids diluting chemical reserves in the circuit, including glycol

What are the benefits of Cobra Cyclone Separators?

  • Progressive filtration down to five microns (5µm)
  • No media to change
  • No need for back washing
  • No reduction in flow
  • Constant minimal pressure drop
  • Only one Cobra Cyclone Separator required
  • No complex valve arrangement
  • No risk of causing system pressure or water loss
  • No media or dead legs for bacteria to thrive
  • Minimal servicing requirements
  • No circuit water loss with the addition of the Closed Recovery System (CRS)


What are the key features of a Cobra Cyclone Separator unit?

  • Siemens LOGO PLC with multicolour text display
  • Emergency stop/isolator switch and alarm beacon
  • Carbon steel pipework with external galvanised finish
  • Thermal dispersion flow sensor for filter bag full alarm (optional)
  • Grundfos recirculating pump with stainless steel impeller
  • Thermal dispersion flow sensor for flow/no flow alarm optional)
  • Easy connect BMS interface (optional)
  • Stainless steel closed recovery filter housing

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