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    SOCOTEC Launches Integrated Solution for End-to-End Monitoring & Risk Control

    Mon 01/10/2018 - 09:14

    SOCOTEC, the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, has launched a new integrated solution for end-to-end monitoring and risk control, for major infrastructure and commercial developments.

    The initiative brings together capabilities in structural and ground surveys, monitoring, and data management from five different entities in the SOCOTEC Group, including the recently acquired ITM Monitoring, specialists in instrumentation for monitoring civil engineering structures, and DIMMS Group, the Italian leader in inspection, measurements and analysis.

    Drawing on the extensive expertise within the Group, clients will have the benefit of a single specialist contractor to deliver analysis, design and execution of asset risk control throughout the asset lifecycle, from the planning and design stage through to decommissioning, mitigating the risk to people, property, budgets and timescales.

    The offer, to be launched at the Transport Geotechnics and Basement Conference in London, is aimed at preventing and reducing risks that may occur on existing buildings during infrastructure projects such as Crossrail. It will offer integrated manual and digital monitoring of structures and the ground, visualisation of the results and a seamless interface with a route-wide GIS for managing the assets across the study area. Multiple configurable warnings and alarms are an integral part of the solution with remote access to every constitute element. Visualisation and reporting of the monitoring systems will be via the in-house CALYX system. The damage risk assessments are produced through a rigorous process and are constantly cross referenced with the model predictions as movements arise. The categorisation can be revised during the course of the work and excavation or preventative measures amended accordingly.

    Philip Ball, technical director, SOCOTEC UK, commented: “By combining the expertise of five SOCOTEC Group subsidiaries we can further support our clients by delivering comprehensive settlement and structural damage analysis, design and execution of asset risk control, through a single provider.

    The synergies that we can deliver throughout the Group add to the strategic value SOCOTEC can bring to infrastructure clients and developers all over the UK, as well as on an International scale.”