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    Materials Testing Capabilities Enhanced with £100,000 Investment in Dorset Laboratory

    Tue 10/11/2015 - 02:57

    ESG, the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, has announced a major investment, worth around £100,000 in a new advanced chemistry & research laboratory at its facility at East Stoke, near Wareham in Dorset.

    The new laboratory will complement a long established materials testing laboratory at the same location, helping to increase the range of services and reduce turnaround times for clients.

    The facility in East Stoke primarily serves the construction industry and associated sectors, and has been awarded UKAS accreditation [No.0001] for chemical analysis on a range of materials including soils, aggregates, concrete and mortar.

    To implement new methodologies and techniques, the laboratory has been equipped with state of the art apparatus, including an ICP-OES system. Innovative techniques applied at the laboratory, including the use of ICP-OES to determine calcium and soluble silica levels in cementitious materials, have reduced turnaround times for routine testing by as much as half.

    Commenting on the investment, Tom Green, operations manager, Infrastructure Services, ESG said: “The main advantage of co-locating materials testing and advanced chemistry and research capabilities is the simplified and more efficient supply chain. It allows us to have total control over sample preparation and analysis techniques enabling us to report results more quickly to clients.  

    “That the chemistry lab operates in parallel to a longstanding and highly experienced materials lab is another distinct benefit. Our experienced staff can offer expert advice as well as a full range of complementary services.”

    Jim Murphy, managing director, Infrastructure Services, ESG said: “Commitment to improving client service is of the highest importance to ESG, and the investment and improvements at our facility in Dorset is a great example of that. Reducing turnaround times is a key client demand and, right across the business, we are employing innovative methods to improve levels of service.”