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    SOCOTEC UK’s Marine Team Takes Action to Protect Marine Environment with Beach Clean

    Thu 05/11/2023 - 10:10

    SOCOTEC UK, a leading provider of marine environmental services, organised a beach clean in partnership with the Marine Conservation Society during a visit to its marine customers in East Anglia.

    The initiative aimed to raise awareness of the impact of plastic waste on the marine environment and to contribute to its protection.

    The SOCOTEC Marine team collected bags of rubbish during the beach clean, with 90% of the waste being plastic. The team were surprised by the amount they collected and the worrying implications of microplastics. SOCOTEC Marine's work in microplastic sediment analysis which helps to protect the marine environment, and the beach clean provided a hands-on approach to support this important work.

    Marya Hubbard, SOCOTEC UK, operations director, environmental science, commented: "The beach clean was a very positive experience not only because we were able to spend a few hours together doing something so rewarding as a team but also because of the surprising amount of rubbish, overwhelmingly plastic, that we managed to collect and dispose of appropriately. The work we do in marine sediment and microplastic analysis helps protect our marine environment, and it was nice to contribute to this further in a more hands-on approach."

    The Marine Conservation Society, which helped organise the beach clean, and praised SOCOTEC UK’s marine team on their commitment to protecting the marine environment. The society is dedicated to raising awareness of marine pollution and protecting marine wildlife.

    SOCOTEC Marine's beach clean initiative demonstrates its commitment to their corporate social responsibility and community work. The company's services are designed to help customers operate safely and sustainably in the marine environment.

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