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    Key Rail Monitoring Contract for Canada Water Redevelopment

    Fri 30/03/2018 - 03:05

    ITM, a SOCOTEC company, wins key rail monitoring contract for Canada Water redevelopment, London

    The UK’s leading instrumentation and monitoring contractor will provide safety critical monitoring within the London Overground tunnels between Canada Water and Surrey Quays.

    The British Land redevelopment scheme comprises demolition of all buildings across the site plots and construction of commercial, residential and leisure spaces, student housing and parking. With the works in close proximity to the London Overground (LO) tunnels between Canada Water and Surrey Quays, ITM’s automated and manual monitoring will safeguard the LO assets, keeping them operational throughout the redevelopment.

    ITM’s monitoring solution utilises automated total stations (ATS) and prism targets, with manual verification surveys. All data will be delivered to the client team through ITM’s in-house data visualisation software Calyx OMS, providing automated alerts to any movement threshold breaches.

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