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    £225,000 Investment in the Future of Site Investigation

    Thu 28/04/2016 - 01:53

    ESG, the UK’s leading provider of environmental inspection, testing and compliance services, has invested £225,000 in its Geotechnical Services Division.

    The investment includes the addition of a compact and lightweight rotary drill rig to ESG’s existing, comprehensive drill fleet. The new Comacchio Geo 300rig will enhance the company’s flexibility in the types of services it can provide and its ability to offer clients a fully comprehensive investigation package.

    ESG will now be able to offer: dynamic sampling, complete in situ testing (such as standard penetration tests), complete rotary open hole and rotary coring, including GeoborS for complex hydrogeological, geological and geotechnical investigations  - utilising numerous flush types such as air, air mist, water, muds and polymers.

    In addition to further increasing the reliability, efficiency and quality of ESG’s geotechnical field work, the smaller profile of the new rig also means mobilisation costs can be reduced as smaller vehicles can be used for transportation.

    Wesley Wray, senior resource manager in ESG’s Geotechnical Services Division, commented: “Providing a flexible and responsive service is key to ensuring we are able to remain competitive and respond to client needs, no matter what the project demands. This investment enables us to expand and improve our offering even further – both in terms of the flexibility with which we are able to mobilise our rigs and crews to get them to site, and our efficiency once we are there.”

    The wider investment has seen a comprehensive refurbishment programme for ESG’s existing drill rigs, and the employment of an apprentice fitter to assist with ongoing repairs and maintenance to ensure the highest levels of safety and reliability can be upheld.

    To find out more about ESG’s site investigation services, you can visit site investigation services.