MiPortal – Real-Time Data Capture & Information Access

As part of our commitment to providing clients with the most efficient service, our digital management system, MiPortal, provides a comprehensive and independent solution for corporate compliance.

The system delivers real-time information from reports to results and tasks to actions. MiPortal facilitates organisations to fulfil their legal obligations and achieve best practice, helping to manage risk, maintain business continuity and drive continuous improvement. MiPortal takes information from a wide range of sources, including SOCOTEC’s portfolio of mobile applications, and combines it into one central management system, all presented through the intuitive MiPortal dashboard.

MiPortal provides you with an interactive compliance dashboard and repository.


Key Benefits:

  • Accessible from any device, anywhere 24/7
  • Full control of account administration and access
  • Real-time access to data
  • Store all relevant project information in a single place
  • Safe and secure with fully encrypted data
  • Automated alerts and notifications
  • No need to create your own repository
  • Manage and export your data, run reports, view results and alerts 

Document Storage

Full audit trail
Reference material
Compliance information
Summary sheet


Laboratory results plus exports to Excel
Test certificates with exports
Advanced search capability


Management summary
KPIs and metrics
Alerts and notifications
Drill through

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