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    SOCOTEC UK Launches Expert Search

    SOCOTEC UK Launches New Expert Search

    Fri 10/02/2023 - 02:30

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new expert search feature on the SOCOTEC UK website. 

    In a digital world, we increasingly communicate over email and on the phone but faceless communications can hamper the process of building trust and rapport. Our new search feature aims to humanise your online interactions with SOCOTEC UK, enabling you to associate a face with a name from the very first communication, while also streamlining the process of connecting you with the relevant recommended SOCOTEC UK expert.

    The expert search tool has been developed with your digital user experience in mind, helping you to identify and contact professionals aligned with your service and industry needs.

    Features include: 

    • Location filters to search for your local experts
    • Service filters to identify specialists offering specific solutions
    • Filters for professionals specialising in relevant industries 
    • Professional profiles and contact details to help you find a suitable expert for your requirements and allow you to make contact directly.

    This new online tool is a fitting addition to SOCOTEC UK’s current expert initiatives, including expert webinars, newsletters and technical papers - offering you technical expertise, operational excellence, compliance and risk management solutions at every stage of the asset lifecycle.

    Start connecting to specialists and explore our expert search feature here.

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