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    SOCOTEC UK’s IT function supports and builds upon our unrivalled industry knowledge and technical experience to help build scalable, enterprise class applications to support a diverse range of technical challenges.

    Having developed a portfolio of in-house applications to support our own business as well as deliver unrivalled client services, we are able to offer our capabilities directly to our clients.

    Our team are well trained in all aspects of project management, business analysis, and enterprise architecture and our technical team are proficient in the following technology sets and platforms as a core:

    • Tomcat
    • Spring
    • Linux
    • MySQL
    • Java, JavaScript, AngularJS
    • Android SDK - Android Studio/Eclipse
    • SASS
    • Bootstrap
    • Microsoft SQL
    • QlikView & QlikSense
    • Microsoft IIS

    Following industry standard methodologies, our Agile trained IT development team will take a refreshingly collaborative and proactive approach to your project to ensure satisfaction and realisation of your project objectives. Projects are professionally managed end-to-end using our own methodology based on UK standard Prince 2.


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