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    Environmental careers at SOCOTEC

    Careers in our Environmental Division

    Want to make a positive difference to the world we live in? Then you might be interested in joining our Environmental division. This division is made up of experts from various fields who work together to deliver high-quality services that ensure compliance, safety, and sustainability for our clients and the environment.

    As part of our Environmental team, you will have the opportunity to work on diverse and challenging projects across the UK, from testing industrial emissions, to assessing water quality, to environmental science. You will also benefit from our continuous training and development programmes, as well as our supportive and collaborative culture.

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    Our Asbestos Team

    Our Asbestos team covers everything Asbestos. We provide all aspects pf asbestos consultancy services, ensuring clients are complying with regulations. These services include surveying, lab analysis of samples, overseeing removals, consultancy, policy reviews, and action plans. We operate out of six offices throughout the UK, and assist roughly 300 clients on a variety of projects, from offices to military bases to hospitals. The work our Asbestos teams do is vital to ensure the safety of workers across the country as they make sure dangerous sources of asbestos are dealt with, and that all of our clients operate within the asbestos regulations.

    Our Air and Emissions Team

    Our Air & Emissions team focus on testing industrial emissions to ensure compliance and overall safety. We take on projects throughout the UK, monitoring emissions from off shore sites, to oil refineries, to incineration sites. These tests then allow us to build reports for the client, either confirming they are operating within the legal limit for emissions, or highlighting and advising on anything that needs changing.

    Our Environment Team

    Our Environment team is made up of many different specialists operating in different areas of expertise. The main areas we cover are Environmental Consultancy, Occupational Hygiene, and laboratory work to support both these areas. Our services range from consultancy work on contaminated land, to effluent sampling, to carrying out site work on dust, noise and local exhaust emissions. We pride ourselves in our ability to consult, monitor and test for our clients, supporting all their needs in one place.

    Our Water Hygiene Team

    Our Water Hygiene team is split into two main areas: Water Hygiene and Legionella Risk assessment. Our Water Hygiene Engineers’ main focus is ensuring water systems are working in line with regulations. We assess everything from conducting tank cleans and disinfections, water temperature monitoring, shower descaling, water sampling, and TMV (thermostatic mixing valve) servicing. Our Legionella team work hard to ensure the safety of water content. We undertake risk assessments, written scheme audits, and internal quality checks, all to make sure our clients are not using a harmful water supply.

    Our Water Consultancy and Equipment Team

    Our Water Consultancy team provide services such as compliance audits to review existing policies and procedures, as well as giving expert guidance on the development of policies and management systems. Our Water Equipment engineers manufacture our own equipment in house hat is fully supported with CAD schematics / Revit files. We supply our clients with equipment such as reverse osmosis units, water softeners, and water filtration services, among many others. In this area, SOCOTEC UK is BIM level 2 compliant.

    Our Renewable Energy Team

    We are the UK market leader of renewable energy testing. One of our biggest clients is a power station, where we conduct tests on their feedstock (such as wood chippings from forests overseas) to understand how much energy can be harvested from that specific batch.

    Our Environment Chemistry Team

    This is arguably our biggest area for lab technicians. The main testing you will do will be on soil and waters from industrial sites, waste, and air & emissions testing. These samples are collected throughout the UK and help to determine important variables. Testing waters and soil from industrial sites help us determine how safe that site is and if the environment around the site is safe. Testing air & emissions allows us to understand where emissions are high and therefore we can advise on how to reduce this.

    Our Forensics Team

    Our Forensics department is fairly unique in terms of the tests carried out. We provide forensic testing and analysis of drugs captured within the UK to support the UK police forces. By doing so, we can help the police forces to understand the substances trying to enter our country, and the substances in circulation. Overall, our work helps to keep the UK safer and aid the police in their work.

    Our Engineering & Oils Team

    This area often operates at a fast pace, as we are usually working to tight deadlines. Predominantly, we conduct testing for the rail sector, testing the oils that are used in trains up and down the country. This heavily contributes to the safety of these trains and we ensure they are in working order for everyday use. We also work with the travel industry on a broader level. For example, we also conduct the same tests on oils received from public transport such as buses to again ensure they are safe. By doing so, we can also predict when oils will need changing to limit delays and breakdowns.

    Our Nuclear Environmental Analysis Team

    Our Nuclear analysis team support our surveyors in testing for quality assurance and low level nuclear and radiochemistry activity. By doing so, we can monitor nuclear activity and ensure the safety of nuclear sites.

    Our Advanced Chemistry & Research Team

    Our Advanced Chemistry & Research team are involved with discovery and analytics of environmental pollutants & marine business.

    Make a Difference with Environmental Projects

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    From assessing water quality for renewable energy projects, supporting local communities with water sampling and analysis, fuelling sustainability in carbon reduction journeys, and helping the rail networks safety with rail maintenance, you will be making a positive difference for the environment and society.

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    Fitzwilliam College

    From assessing water quality for renewable energy projects, supporting local communities with water sampling and analysis, fuelling sustainability in carbon reduction journeys, and helping the rail networks safety with rail maintenance, you will be making a positive difference for the environment and society.

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