Within the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries, our services prove invaluable to a wide spectrum of clients including hospitals, contract research organisations (CROs), medical device manufacturers and multi-national pharmaceutical companies. For example, testing may include the determination of suites of elements (up to 70) in starting materials, intermediates, final product, containers, syringes, intravenous and dialysis solutions.

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated. These regulations cover not only complying with industry specifics such as drug research, development, manufacture, drug promotions and advertising – they also include those which apply to any UK business. For example, they must meet the necessary environmental, health and safety standards to protect the welfare of their employees, consumers and the public.

How we can help

SOCOTEC has a wide range of services to support pharmaceutical and other healthcare-related organisations in complying with their regulatory and voluntary obligations. For example, we offer expertise in:

Specialist Chemistry


  • Organic, inorganic and radiochemical evaluations
  • UKAS accredited laboratories
  • Majority of testing to ISO 17025
  • Starting materials
  • Intermediates and final product
  • Containers (syringes, intravenous and dialysis solutions)

Health, Safety and Welfare


  • Compliance audits and site audit programmes
  • Advice on the development of policy and risk management systems
  • Provision of a Competent Person to ensure you have the necessary skills, when you need them
  • Training
  • Occupational hygiene
  • Food safety
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Sample collection and UKAS accredited analysis for pre-employment screening, as well as random and post-incident testing
  • Policy development and advice

Environmental Safety


  • Fire risk management
  • Water safety and hygiene for showers and drinking water
  • Compliance audits, risk assessments, training and on-going monitoring programmes
  • Chemical and microbiological, including Legionella sampling and analysis