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    SOCOTEC offers Association for Project Safety (APS) accredited training to give you the reassurance that you are complying with the requirements of CDM regulations.

    The Association for Project Safety (APS) is a membership body in the UK for those interested in construction health and safety risk management. The aim of the training is to reduce fatalities, injuries and health issues associated with working in construction. 

    APS offer a range of training options, to ensure professionals in the construction industry have the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve the goal of making buildings in the UK safer.

    If you are looking to develop your career in the construction industry with an accreditation body, then enrolling onto an APS accredited course is a reliable option for you.  APS ensures the content of their training is legally correct and advises on best practice.



    Check out the APS accredited courses we currently offer below

    APS Principal Designer Training Course

    Provides delegates with construction-related health and safety knowledge
    Duration: 2 days
    Assessment: syndicate exercises, design hazard evaluations, design risk assessments, design option, health and safety file exercises and an exam
    Teaching method: Classroom

    Why should you choose SOCOTEC as your APS training provider?

    SOCOTEC works with some of the largest contractors in the UK to ensure health risks on construction sites are managed appropriately, to keep workers safe. 

    Since the changes to CDM Regulations in 2015, all duty holders must understand changes in requirements for compliance with CDM 2015. As a company, we are well practiced in meeting the obligations to protect workforces, end users and duty holders.

    We use a multi-disciplinary approach, with access to experts across a wide range of sectors to assist you in every stage of your construction project life cycle. Our training division is positioned to offer either one-time engagement or long-term support to your business with flexible and adaptable solutions across many industries.

    SOCOTEC offers a range of services which complement the APS and CDM training offerings to support your asset lifecycle:

    APS Training FAQs


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