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    Asphalt Road Testing Methods -
    Services for Highways Projects

    SOCOTEC is a leading expert in asphalt testing, analysis and reporting, saving time and money on highways projects.

    Leading Asphalt Expertise

    We have long supported Local Authorities, throughout the UK, in their highway construction and maintenance projects. As the UK’s leading experts in materials testing, SOCOTEC can boast outstanding technical expertise, as well as accredited laboratories and methodologies*. Local Authorities can therefore rest assured that SOCOTEC’s independent testing, analysis and reporting not only delivers solutions, but also saves time and money.

    Your Partner for Asphalt Compliance at Every Stage

    SOCOTEC can support your project with on-site services, to ensure compliance, during surfacing operations. Likewise, the company can also offer a range of testing and analysis solutions, critical to an effective asset management plan, to extend service life and save costs on remedial works. Road coring activity is monitored through SOCOTEC’s core mobile application to enable real-time data delivery.
    To support Local Authorities in achieving and attaining asphalt compliance, SOCOTEC’s services include:

    • Surfacing support
    • Third party, independent verification of materials
    • Independent verification of laying records
    • Density control (using nuclear density gauges)
    • Performance testing
    • Pavement investigation
    • Road coring
    • Coal tar analysis
    • Failure investigation
    • Real-time data delivery

    Furthermore, for excavation of existing roads, ADEPT, in conjunction with us, has developed new guidance - Managing Reclaimed Asphalt – Highway and Pavements. The guidance aims to reduce the amount of arising waste being sent to landfill. This is a particular problem for roads constructed before 1980. But, conscious of the need to reduce waste and avoid hazardous waste disposal, and costs, where unnecessary, SOCOTEC can advise Local Authorities on the new guidance so that asphalt can be reused, as either an unbound or hydraulically bound material. This not only supports Local Authorities in meeting landfill directive obligations, but also saves money on storage and disposal.

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