The British Drilling Association Presents a Driving Innovation Seminar

06 November 2014

Through ESG's long-standing work with the British Drilling Association (BDA), we wanted to make you aware of the upcoming BDA Driving Innovation Seminar on 20 November.

The seminar taking place on 20 November, will provide further insight into the latest trends, new developments and where the drilling industry is heading. This seminar is designed for all those who are interested in innovation within the drilling and geotechnical industry whether clients, consultants or contractors.

The BDA strives to be the best at supporting the needs, activities and ambitions of its members. BDA members all work in, or are involved with ground drilling, be it mineral exploration and exploitation; ground Investigation; geotechnical processes; geothermal; water-well activities and many more applications. The aims and objectives of the BDA include increasing health and safety awareness in the industry, promoting and supporting scientific research into drilling techniques, liaising with government bodies and institutions to name but a few.

The BDA, a trade association formed in 1976, is a member of two umbrella organisations to which it actively contributes and enables it to keep in contact with wider issues and derive further benefit for its members. These are the NSCC (National Specialist Contractors Council) and The Ground Forum.

The Driving Innovation Seminar will take place on 20 November at the Lighthouse, Glasgow. For further information, click here