Protex! Showcased at WRc Innovation Day

28 April 2015

ESG, the UK's leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, will be showcasing Protex!; an electrolytic cell that disinfects water by direct water electrolysis at WRc, Swindon.

ESG’s water hygiene and equipment team will be on stand to discuss the benefits of using Protex! which include reducing your carbon footprint, with visitors. In addition, they will be carrying out table top experiments explaining the concept of the system and the potential savings that can be made with Protex!

Protex! achieves electrochemical disinfection by supplying electrical energy, which forces chemical reactions, leading to the formation of disinfectants  from the water and from the species dissolved in it.

The WRc Innovation Day held in Swindon, is one of the leading innovation events in the UK and continues to grow year on year. The theme for the 2015 event is “Innovation in Action” and there will be a mix of excellent speakers, innovative technology demonstrations and interactive sessions. WRc is an Independent Centre of Excellence for Innovation and Growth and operates across numerous sectors including, water, environment, gas and resource management.

Mick Pratt, commercial director, Built Environment Services, ESG, commented: “The WRc Innovation Day is a great platform to showcase technology that can truly revolutionise the water treatment and equipment sector. The WRc champions innovation leaders across numerous sectors and to be exhibiting at the event, among other innovative companies, is the perfect platform to showcase Protex!”

For more information about the WRc Innovation Day on 29 April at WRc Swindon, please visit: