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    We've Achieved ISO17020 Certification for Inspection Work at Ports

    Thu 18/04/2024 - 12:42

    We have successfully achieved the ISO17020:2012 certification. This milestone is particularly significant for us as it relates to our inspection work at ports, where we handle incoming and outgoing ships carrying solid fuels.

    Our draught surveyors are integral members of our renewable energy team and played a crucial role in this achievement. Much of our work for renewable energy clients such as Drax Power and Lynemouth Power revolves around meticulously inspecting loads at ports.

    The ISO17020:2012 standard is globally recognised and signifies an inspection body's competence in conducting inspections. Our attainment of this standard strengthens our commitment to impartiality, technical expertise, professional reporting and consistent inspection practices, especially in draught surveying for incoming shipments of solid fuels and ships' inspection and draught surveys.

    This accreditation brings with it a range of benefits that align with our core values and behaviours. These benefits include global recognition, enhanced reliability, consistency and integrity in our inspection activities.

    For those interested in learning more about draught surveys, our portside teams deliver essential draught surveying, cargo superintendence and sampling services for imported or exported fuel cargoes. These teams play a vital role in providing our clients with information throughout loading or discharging operations, safeguarding cargo quality, and proactively addressing any potential issues such as contamination.

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