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    SOCOTEC’s Ground Investigation Team is Awarded FORS Silver Accreditation

    Fri 05/04/2019 - 04:20

    SOCOTEC is pleased to announce that their Ground Investigation team have recently achieved Silver accreditation on the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS).

    FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme in the UK, developing nationally recognised qualifications in safety, fuel efficiency and environmental protection for fleet operators.

    To attain Silver accreditation, SOCOTEC’s team were identified as compliant with requirements laid out by FORS Standards such as having the relevant vehicle safety equipment, demonstrating effective fuel monitoring and tyre usage, ensuring minimal environmental impact and exemplary understanding in current transport legislation.

    The accreditation covers all drivers at SOCOTEC’s Wokingham office, where many large London contracts are run from. FORS Bronze and Silver certification is fast becoming a requirement for many London based contracts, making it a desirable accreditation in order to comply with larger project requirements. With few others in the ground investigation industry holding the Silver qualification, the company is exceeding the current industrial standard in fleet operation.

    By confirming driver skills and improving vehicle safety and efficiency, SOCOTEC is better equipped to offer their clients’ an environmentally conscious, safe and efficient ground investigation service.

    Clare Chapman, operations director, Ground Investigation, SOCOTEC, commented:

    “As one of the first Ground Investigation business lines to obtain FORS Silver accreditation, we can prove our commitment to vehicle and driver safety, as part of our wider commitment to health and safety. Achieving Silver status means our team can substantiate that good practice helps improve fleet performance, highlighting our dedication to deliver a safe and compliant service to our clients.”

    Clare Chapman, operations director, Ground Investigation, SOCOTEC

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