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    SOCOTEC Invests in Stream C Equipment for Enhanced 3D Utility Mapping Service

    Tue 05/03/2019 - 02:00

    SOCOTEC, the UK’s leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, adds the IDS GeoRadar Stream C to its extensive supply of in-house resource and equipment.

    Utility mapping is a non-destructive method of gathering and verifying data about underground and hidden utilities. Fundamental to safety, plotting the underground location of pipes, cables and other utilities can inform a ground investigation project about what lies beneath the ground to aid the design of future drilling works. This approach can ensure costly mistakes and long-term disruption to utility services is avoided.

    Conventionally, SOCOTEC’s utility mapping has been undertaken by setting out grid lines longitudinal and transversely using technology such as Radio Frequency Location (RFL) and Ground Penetration Radar (GPR). With the new equipment, surveys only need to be performed in one direction as the Stream C’s 34 antennas can automatically detect the pipes in real time and display the underground network in a single scan - the accuracy of which is essential to providing integral data for the safety of ongoing project execution.

    Without relying on hired equipment or subcontracted services, SOCOTEC’s investment in the Stream C enables the company to provide a comprehensive service to meet the client’s requirements while remaining in full control of the service it promises and delivers.

    The Stream C allows SOCOTEC to support a number of projects, both large and small, through adjustable height and the ability to be towed manually or via a small vehicle. Smaller surveying areas can also be accessed by the Stream C’s compact size.

    By optimising productivity with an approximate 50% reduction in turnaround time for survey completion, SOCOTEC is better equipped to meet their clients’ tight programme of works. With few others in the ground investigation industry using this equipment, SOCOTEC is one of those leading the way and setting the standard for increased productivity, accuracy and flexibility across the industry.

    Clare Chapman, operations director, Ground Investigation, SOCOTEC, commented:

    “Adding this specialist piece of equipment to our in-house resource further enhances the value we can bring to our clients’ projects. Our aim is to help our clients minimise ground related uncertainty and risk, as well as maximising efficiencies, and the benefits and features of the Stream C adds to our capability to provide this high quality service.”

    Clare Chapman, operations director, Ground Investigation, SOCOTEC

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