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    SOCOTEC develops digital scheduling tool for ground investigation laboratory testing

    Mon 02/12/2019 - 10:04

    SOCOTEC has recently developed a test scheduling tool, Assisted Testing Laboratory Schedule (ATLaS).

    SOCOTEC has recently developed a test scheduling tool to assist designers with specifying their laboratory testing requirements during ground investigation projects. Coming from a need to digitalise the test scheduling process, SOCOTEC’s Assisted Testing Laboratory Schedule (ATLaS) substantially improves the management of geotechnical and geoenvironmental testing instructions and the tracking of laboratory testing, ensuring a consistent transfer of data between the relevant parties.

    Features of ATLaS include prompts to specify test methods and dependent options and auto-scheduling tests on multiple samples. The tool can also supplement the set of routine tests with additional contract specific geochemical and geoenvironmental tests. Once the test requirements have been entered, ATLaS generates an AGS4 file of the schedule. This can be imported into the testing laboratory’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and used by the schedule's author for tracking the testing status. The schedule form gives the option of amending and tracking any changes to a schedule, and also allows the creation of a sample transmittal sheet to provide full chain of custody.

    ATLaS represents a considerable step forward for SOCOTEC and its clients. The tool has significantly cut down the potential for inappropriate and insufficient testing instructions, removing the opportunity for mismatching of the sample reference information. As well as improving turnaround times, ATLaS ensures that the data obtained from testing is reliable and consistent, thereby allowing SOCOTEC to deliver on clients’ expectations. 

    Clare Chapman, operations director, Ground Investigation, said:

    “SOCOTEC’s ATLaS is a prime example of how we continue to pave the way in technological innovation, helping to provide cost-effective, accurate and efficient solutions for our clients’ ground investigation projects. The software has been designed to provide a seamless experience when it comes to test scheduling and data management, and we look forward to seeing ATLaS implemented across laboratories nationwide.”

    Clare Chapman, operations director, Ground Investigation