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    SOCOTEC Delivers Sustainable Water Treatment Equipment to Highest BREEAM-rated Office

    Wed 27/03/2019 - 12:27

    SOCOTEC has supported the world’s highest BREEAM-rated major office building by supplying a range of sustainable and innovative water treatment equipment.

    With the office building achieving an ‘Outstanding’ 99.1% BREEAM rating, as well as winning numerous RIBA awards, SOCOTEC is delighted to have supported the deliverability of sustainable water consumption.

    Operators of evaporative cooling towers are well aware of the need to control the microbiological quality of the recirculating water to avoid potential health hazards to employees and the public, and to maintain the thermal performance of heat exchange equipment and cooling towers. Compared to a typical office building, the super-sustainable office building delivers a 73% saving in water consumption and a 35% saving in energy consumption and associated CO2 emissions.

    In equipping Filtex Ozone units, the cooling towers serving the building can be treated with an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical biocides, while also providing significant reductions in operating and maintenance costs in comparison to traditional water treatment methods. By incorporating the Ozone generator and injection system, as well as a sidestream cyclone filtration unit, the Filtex Ozone systems can ensure compliance with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Approved Code of Practice ACoP (L8).

    As part of the water treatment equipment package, SOCOTEC’s OASIS water recycling units were installed to recover waste water and therefore deliver sustainability by reducing water consumption as well as operating costs. Energy conscious and highly efficient, the provision of such water treatment equipment is just one measure taken for the office to meet their specification of an environmentally friendly building design.

    Nick Harper, operations director, Water Services, said:

    “It is our aim as a provider of specialist and innovative water treatment equipment to help our clients achieve their vision and meet their objectives. This building’s impressive design and outstanding BREEAM rating is setting the standard for new high rise office buildings, and we are proud of our involvement in its commission and success.”

    Nick Harper, operations director, Water Services

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