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    SOCOTEC Boosts Rig Fleet with Investment of New Rotary Drill Rig

    Thu 04/07/2019 - 11:03

    SOCOTEC has recently invested in a new Comacchio GEO405HT rotary drilling rig, the sixth rotary rig purchase in four years.

    Capable of retrieving core from beyond 100m below ground level, the latest addition to SOCOTEC’s rig fleet is a versatile rotary drilling rig to support a wide range of ground investigations, equipped with a dynamic sampling head, triplex pump, power washer and casing extractor. With a Tier IV engine, it is compliant with designated metropolitan low emissions zones and uses biodegradable hydraulic oil.

    Speaking about the new investment, UK resource manager for SOCOTEC, Gareth Mews, said:

    “This rig is another step in the ongoing journey of reinvigorating our drilling fleet. With continued investment, SOCOTEC will continue to strength its series of rigs and, in doing so, succeed our client’s expectations.”

    Gareth Mews, UK resource manager, SOCOTEC

    SOCOTEC is one of the UK’s leading provider of geotechnical site investigations, with over 80 years of experience in proven technical support to minimise ground related uncertainty and risk.

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