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    Building Regulations

    FAQs: Complying with the Building Safety Act 2022 for Safer Buildings

    Thu 28/09/2023 - 12:57

    Get answers to your most pressing questions on meeting Building Safety Act (BSA) 2022 requirements in our FAQs and ensure your building projects prioritise safety at every stage.

    The BSA 2022 represents a turning point toward enhancing building safety in the UK. For both Higher-Risk Building (HRB) and non-High Risk Building (non-HRB) projects, compliance with the BSA’s provisions is essential to ensuring the safety of occupants and the built environment. These FAQs aim to help you steer through the regulatory changes and contribute to a safer future.

    Building Regulations

    BSA 2022 Compliance FAQs

    Our Building Control expert consultants offer valuable insights into demonstrating competence, meeting obligations, and effectively submitting compliance evidence. By leveraging our expertise, you can avoid potential pitfalls, ensuring that your project aligns with the BSA's requirements. Whether it's understanding the BSA or preparing Gateway Submissions, our team of Registered Building Inspectors and specialists in HRB compliance will guide you every step of the way.


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