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    socotec certification new website

    Brand New Website
    for SOCOTEC
    Certification UK

    Mon 14/06/2021 - 03:38

    SOCOTEC Certification UK Ltd, the UK division of SOCOTEC Certification International, has officially launched its new website.

    The website has been developed specifically for the benefit of stakeholders, private and public companies who wish to uphold, develop and improve their management systems across such areas as health and safety, construction, energy, sustainability and information security. It promotes SOCOTEC Certification UK’s range of services and activities, while also highlighting relevant industry news, offers and topics.

    Features of the new SOCOTEC Certification UK website include:

    • Newly redesigned content and product sheets
    • Comprehensive access to all of SOCOTEC Certification UK's operations, values and credentials
    • Access to the Careers section (for vacancies within SOCOTEC UK and SOCOTEC Certification UK).

    Users can also view information related to SOCOTEC Certification UK’s range of services and offers, which is often dependent on such factors as:

    • Respective industry/sector (engineering, manufacturing, food, health and safety, information security, services, transport and logistics)
    • Steps taken towards achieving certification
    • Values and ethics
    • Accreditations of the company and its credentials.

    As an industry leader in certification and auditing, SOCOTEC Certification UK strives to assist organisations with important transitions across such areas as energy, digital, environmental and sustainable development, health and safety and Building Information Management (BIM).

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