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    Topsoil Classification Assessment in the Scottish Borders

    SOCOTEC Consultancy (Scotland) collaborated with a Scottish Council to conduct a Topsoil Classification Assessment at their Community Campus site. The purpose of this assessment was to ensure that the soil material obtained from the site was suitable for landscaping and promoting plant growth.

    The project involved the collection of 32 soil samples, with half of them (16 samples) sent for laboratory analysis in line with BS3882:2015 standards. The remaining 16 samples were classified by our soil scientists. Each sample consisted of ten sub-samples, which were blended to create a representative and homogeneous sample reflecting the surrounding topsoil conditions. The soil descriptions were aligned with the Soil Survey of England and Wales Field Handbook (Technical Monograph No. 5, 1976), with the exception of texture. Soil texture classification followed the UK Soil Texture Classification System as outlined in BS3882:2015.

    Our involvement extended beyond sample collection and classification. The company provided the client with expert guidance on effective topsoil sampling procedures. Detailed descriptions of the soil samples were undertaken, culminating in a comprehensive technical soil report aligned with BS382:2015. This report not only highlighted the characteristics of the tested soils, but also made recommendations concerning their conformity to topsoil criteria and suggested treatment methods to enhance soil quality.

    The significance of our classification assessment lay in its ability to expedite the evaluation of the site-obtained soil's suitability for landscaping applications. Furthermore, the assessment allowed the client to gauge the level of treatment required for the soils and calculate the potential costs associated with soil removal or importation.

    This case study exemplifies SOCOTEC Consultancy's commitment to providing thorough and insightful Topsoil Classification Assessments that empower clients to make informed decisions about soil usage and landscaping plans. Through this project, SOCOTEC demonstrated its expertise in soil analysis, adherence to industry standards, and valuable consultation services.

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