Quality Policy Statement

Published: 05 January 2021

SOCOTEC UK is the UK's leading Environmental Compliance Company offering inspection, testing, investigation, advice and specialist equipment to customers through an unrivalled range of technical expertise and accredited services.

SOCOTEC UK believes that quality is critical to our business success and we are committed to the principle of continuous improvement throughout all areas of our business.

  • All services and equipment are delivered to our customers by highly skilled and experienced personnel who are committed to providing exceptional service.
  • SOCOTEC UK is committed to work with suppliers and customers to establish and maintain the highest quality standards.
  • SOCOTEC UK is committed to the highest level of impartiality and confidentiality for all of our activities and dealings with customers and other interested parties
  • To maintain our high standards, the SOCOTEC UK Group pursue a policy of recruiting the best people available and developing their skills through training and coaching to enable them to achieve their best potential.
  • Through the integration of information technology and business process management, we are able to ensure that we provide our customers continually with innovative and efficient operations. We believe this ensures we remain market leaders in our field and allows continued strong economic performance.
  • We promote the use of the process approach and risk based thinking
  • We continually review the effectiveness of our service to our customers through our independently approved quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 17020, ISO 17025 and ISO 9001 and by the setting and monitoring of quality objectives and KPIs. These processes ensure that the quality management system achieves its intended results.
  • We will review and revise this policy as necessary at periods not exceeding 12 months.
  • This Quality Policy is communicated to everyone in the group through our management systems / intranet. All persons are expected to contribute to the effectiveness of the quality management system. This engagement is supported by top management.

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Ian Sparks