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    Gender Pay Gap

    Our people are our most important and valued asset, and as such, SOCOTEC UK is committed to ensuring that our people are treated equally at work, across all levels and locations.

    This includes providing the same opportunities for recognition, reward and career development. At SOCOTEC UK we recognise that there is an industry wide problem in attracting women into roles within the infrastructure, construction and compliance sector. We continue to focus to address this imbalance and close the gender pay gap. We are committed to ensuring that all employees continue to be paid equally and fairly for the roles they carry out.

    The responsibility of completing the gender pay gap calculations provides us with a valuable insight into the gender balance in our business and more importantly gives an opportunity to review and consider sustainable strategies to addressing the underlying causes for the imbalance.

    In this report, we provide information on our gender pay gap.

    This report covers the period from April 2022 to 05 April 2023 inclusive.


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