Blaencwm Landslip

In 2002 ITM Monitoring, now SOCOTEC Monitoring UK Ltd, was awarded a sub-contract to install instrumentation to monitor the Blaencwm Landslide.

Summary of Works:

Client: Thyssen Geotechnical / Halcrow
Duration: 2002 – Current
Monitoring System: Piezometers, Tiltmeters, Long Range VW Crackmeters, In-Place Inclinometers, Weather station – ARGUS Monitoring Software

The site, located at the Northern end of the Rhondda valley, South Wales, has a history of movement, mainly due to the extensive placing of colliery spoil during the early part of the last century. The site has been extensively monitored since 1989, due to potential risk to domestic properties in the village of Blaencwm.

The data is transmitted from the data loggers via cellular modems to ITM Monitoring’s web based data presentation software, ARGUS. To maintain a high standard of safety on the uppermost slopes, rope safety equipment was used by engineers fully trained in rope access techniques.

Due to the difficulty of access to the instrument locations on the steep terrain, the installation team used a 4×4 quad bike to assist in moving equipment and themselves across the slope. The site works were completed within the five-week contract period.