SOCOTEC is the UK’s leading testing, inspection and compliance company. Having worked in the energy sector for a number of years, SOCOTEC is an established provider to key players in the energy sector, including some of the UK’s major generators. With an unrivalled breadth of service offering and industry leading technical expertise, we can offer a bespoke testing, inspection and compliance suite to support any energy project.

UK Energy Sector

As the UK Energy industry shifts its policy and impetus away from traditional fossil fuel reliance, SOCOTEC has evolved to cater for the needs of a changing market. In an industry that accounts for 10% of total investment and over 50% of industrial investment, SOCOTEC realises the need for a broad portfolio of services that can capture the need for a more carbon neutral future. DECC projections indicate a renewables sector more than doubling in the next ten years and SOCOTEC is fully committed to supporting this growth area.

How We Can Help

We offer UKAS accredited testing, inspection and compliance services that cover a variety of energy projects and sectors.

Energy & Fuel Supply

Whether you are supplying wholesale energy to the grid, or supplying fuel for electricity generation, SOCOTEC can help you. With over 50 million tonnes of solid fuel certified per annum, SOCOTEC is active all major ports with dedicated inspection and sampling teams.

  • Sampling and analysis of imported cargoes
  • Through our bespoke float and sink testing facility we can evaluate the characters of your fuel and determine its suitability for use and best processing techniques
  • Bores, cores and stock evaluation

Electricity Generation

With a current mix dominated by fossil fuels (predominantly coal and gas), a growing renewables sector and nuclear, SOCOTEC has capability within this mix to help your business. For traditional coal fired generation, SOCOTEC has unparalleled expertise and technical knowhow with onsite facilities present at many generator sites.

  • Coal and solid fuel inspection, sampling and analysis
  • Stack emission monitoring

In a world where carbon comes at a high price, the company has been market leading in their bespoke services to biomass generators; Drax and RWE Tilbury to name just a couple. And, with a technical team that is driving the way the industry analyses biomass, SOCOTEC is your perfect partner for biomass expertise.

  • Biomass Services

As generators look to reduce emissions and waste processors look to reduce landfill, more and more energy from waste plants will emerge as a viable sustainable and alternative energy form. SOCOTEC has a broad service offering within the waste sector with services including.

  • Energy from Waste
  • Stack emission monitoring
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Incinerator Bottom Ash
  • Waste management

Ground investigation is also available to all generators currently planning large scale wind farm projects.

Transmission and Distribution Networks

Within this sector of the energy market, SOCOTEC has the capability to support large scale transmission and distribution projects either at project inception via our infrastructure and construction, or during operation through compliance testing services.

  • Oils and grease analysis
  • Foundation testing
  • Transformer oil testing

Energy Regulation

Specifically in the renewables market, SOCOTEC can assist when you are required to complete your FMS questionnaire prior to any ROC claim. We can also ensure compliance with sampling and analytical standards by helping you to produce bespoke sampling plans that will meet Ofgem’s criteria.

  • Biomass
  • Energy from Waste

For further information about energy please contact us and we will be happy to help.