Environmental Policy Statement

Published: 04 January 2021

SOCOTEC UK is the UK’s leading Environmental Compliance Company offering inspection, testing, investigation and advice to customers through an unrivalled range of technical expertise and accredited services.

SOCOTEC UK recognise that in our day to day operations we inevitably impact on the environment in a number of ways and are committed to reduce that impact through continual improvement in our environmental performance. To achieve this we:

Employ systems and procedures that ensure compliance obligations are met relating to the environment.

  • Provide employee training to enhance environmental awareness of our employees, this ensures environmental issues are considered when managing our premises and planning, implementing and undertaking all projects.
  • Promote a sustainable approach to business, in partnership with our clients and other stakeholders by conserving energy, minimising consumption, preferring low pollution materials, maximising efficiency and implementing the Waste Management Hierarchy.
  • Ensure that we integrate sustainability considerations into our business decisions.
  • Maintain an Environmental Management System (EMS) registered to ISO 14001:2015 that is communicated to all employees.
  • Are committed to preventing pollution and to minimizing the environmental impact, for the life cycle; (including disposal), of plant, equipment, and any other physical assets under our control.
  • Are committed to continual improvement in our environmental performance, through the implementation of our environmental management system, and the establishment of measurable environmental objectives and targets. These will be documented, implemented, maintained, monitored and reviewed.
  • Put controls in place to protect the environment from any significant environmental aspects and impacts arising from our work activities.
  • Will measure our Carbon Footprint and take account of carbon management in our business decisions to reduce our contribution to climate change.

This Environmental Policy Statement and the Responsibilities and Arrangements that support it will be reviewed at least annually or more frequently where there have been significant changes to the company or the nature of the company’s activities.

Ian Sparks

Chief Executive Officer 

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