Our Story

SOCOTEC is the UK's leading provider of testing, inspection and compliance services, with comprehensive solutions in the Infrastructure & Energy and Environment & Safety sectors.

Your leading partner for technical expertise and service 

Delivering seven million tests a year to more than 5,000 clients SOCOTEC offers the widest range of testing, inspection and compliance services in the UK. We pride ourselves on our client-focussed approach and continual drive to exceed expectations through our leading technical expertise, operational excellence and technological innovation.

Our extensive service offering allows us to support you with complete solutions providing peace of mind and delivering efficiencies. Dating back more than 100 years, SOCOTEC, formerly ESG, is incredibly proud of its heritage and today the business has more than 1,400 highly experienced employees, all with the aim of being “your leading partner for technical expertise and service.”

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Technological Innovation

SOCOTEC is committed to continuous improvement and the development of new, innovative methodologies, processes and products. We invest heavily in both our employees and the latest technology to ensure we remain at the forefront of innovation.

We are driving an industry wide technological revolution, bringing efficiency, quality and visibility to everything we do. SOCOTEC's team of advanced in-house software architects are continually developing innovative technologies in order to deliver seamless client solutions. Our integrated systems provide timely information in fully customizable and user-friendly dashboards. Our technical experts are the bedrock of our business and we recognise that it is the calibre of the people that make up our teams that differentiates us from our competitors. As such we work hard to recruit, develop and retain the best talent in the industry. We support our teams through Chartership and Further Education Workshops and offer a three-tier training and education programme which includes both practical and theoretical learning. SOCOTEC is also investing in the future workforce by providing guidance, industry placements and sponsorship to STEM undergraduates.


Quality Assured

Our comprehensive range of accreditations and certifications ensure that quality is built into all of our operations and processes. Our clients have peace of mind that our services are quality assured and our stringent internal quality control system is backed up by industry leading accreditations and approved supplier recognition.

SOCOTEC’s nationwide network of UKAS accredited laboratories, coupled with our in-house industry experts allow us to offer independent testing, inspection and compliance services to more than 5,000 clients across a large number of sectors including:

  • Infrastructure & Energy – SOCOTEC provides an unrivalled range of testing, inspection and compliance services in the infrastructure & energy sectors, from preliminary geotechnical studies and ground investigations through to an extensive range of environmental chemistry, energy and waste analysis capabilities.
  • Environment & Safety – SOCOTEC delivers peace of mind by helping you and your organisation conform to health and safety obligations and manage environmental risks