Hydrochlorox Chlorine Dioxide Water Treatment Dosing System

SOCOTEC’s Hydrochlorox chlorine dioxide water treatment dosing system prevents legionella bacteria in water systems by breaking down biofilm build-up in pipes and tanks.

The design of SOCOTEC’s, WRAS approved, Hydrochlorox system keeps the reaction process to produce chlorine dioxide contained within the water system’s pipework, via a chemically inert mixing chamber, rather than outside of the system.
In addition, the dual precursor chemicals are drawn directly from a bunded supply, ensuring a safer operation by eliminating the risk of chemical solutions mixing by accidental spillage or failure.
SOCOTEC’s Hydrochlorox has been a staple requirement for commercial, public sector and industrial properties for over 20 years. The system prevents microbiological fouling within a buildings distribution pipework/process and is also ideal for use in buildings which have existing fouling issues. 

Key Benefits of Hydrochlorox:

  • WRAS approved
  • Lockable Enclosures
  • Bunded chemicals
  • In-flow injection chamber (removes requirement for side-stream loop)
  • Residual monitoring
  • Gas in air detection
  • Remote telemetry with text/email notifications
  • Data-logging capability
  • Transparent safety panel to view dosing pumps


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