Drilling & Sampling

SOCOTEC can offer a wide range of exploratory hole techniques to suit site ground conditions, access complications and the specific project technical requirements. These include sampling for geotechnical and geoenvironmental laboratory testing, borehole field testing, and installation of monitoring instrumentation.

Our trained and experienced field operatives hold recognised working certifications including: CSCS, BDA, NVQ, First Aid and SSSTS.  

Field data is captured using our in-house data management mobile application, SILAS. This ensures that all the necessary information from boring, drilling and trial pitting, for example, is recorded by the operator in the app, which includes various data validations during entry. The data is sent to our main server database and can be accessed from any network device via our Intranet webservice. The system works in an AGS4 environment so that the data can be readily exchanged with other users.

Cable percussion boring

  • For boring in soils (with limited penetration into soft rocks) at up to 300 mm diameter and to depths of up to 90 m in suitable ground conditions
  • Dando 175, 2000, 2500, 3000 and 4000 rigs
  • U100, UT100 and Piston sampling
  • Standard penetration testing (SPT)
  • Borehole field testing such as Variable Head Permeability and Borehole Vane Strength
  • Installation of gas, groundwater and movement monitoring instrumentation
  • Road towable, skid-mounted and tracked rig options
  • Low headroom and modular rigs for restricted access
  • Electric powered rig for confined space working

Rotary drilling

  • For drilling in rock and overconsolidated soils to depths of 100 m or more in suitable ground conditions
  • Beretta T51, Comacchio GEO (205, 300, 305 and 405), Dando 250 and Geotech 6, Fraste PL.G rigs
  • Double tube and triple tube wireline coring at up to 150 mm diameter, including Geobor S and PQ3
  • Hollow stem auger up to 300 mm diameter
  • Open hole drilling up to 200 mm diameter
  • Air, air-mist, water and mud flush options
  • Undisturbed (open-drive) sampling
  • Dynamic sampling-rotary drilling dual-purpose rig
  • Standard penetration testing (SPT) including automatic hammer
  • Borehole field testing such as Variable Head and Packer Permeability, Borehole Vane Strength, Pressuremeter (SBP and HPD), Geophysical Logging
  • Drilling parameter logging
  • Installation of gas, groundwater and movement monitoring instrumentation
  • Lorry and track mounted (steel and rubber track options) including Tier IV engines
  • BV206 tracked articulated all terrain carrier mounted rigs (including plant and welfare units)

Dynamic sampling and probing

  • For sampling in soils to approximately 5 m maximum depth
  • Track mounted dynamic sampling rigs with dynamic probing (DPH and DPSH-B)
  • Dual purpose dynamic sampling-rotary drilling rigs
  • Standard penetration testing (SPT)
  • Field testing such as Variable Head Permeability
  • Installation of gas and groundwater instrumentation

Trial pitting and trenching

  • For investigating ground conditions and sampling for geotechnical and geoenvironmental laboratory testing to approximately 6 m maximum depth
  • Hand excavation methods for inspection of underground services and existing foundations
  • Wheel and track mounted backhoe and 360 machine options
  • Man-entry shored pit options
  • Field testing such as Hand Vane, PID, CBR, Plate Bearing Test
  • Soakaway testing

Hand augering and soft sediment sampling

  • For shallow investigation of soft soils and sediments with recovery of disturbed samples

Near-shore marine ground investigation

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