Laboratory Testing

As the UK’s largest independent construction materials testing laboratory, we understand that quality assurance is vital. SOCOTEC’s wide scope of sampling and testing methods is based upon current British and European Standards and is accredited by UKAS to comply with ISO / IEC 17025, the competence standard for testing and calibration laboratories.

SOCOTEC has Multi-Site and Flexible Scope UKAS accreditation, which allows our laboratories to provide customers with comprehensive reports and analysis; aiding quality assurance, compliance and control whilst providing vital data to support cost-effective decision making.

Services include:

  • Concrete Testing (Fresh & Hardened)
  • Soil Classification
  • Aggregate Physical Properties
  • Asphalt Analysis (Insitu & Laboratory)
  • Core Recovery &Testing (Asphalt & Concrete)


Compressive strength and density of hardened
concrete cubes

BS EN 12390-3: 2009

Compressive strength of concrete core

BS EN 12504-1: 2009

Flexural strength of concrete beams

BS EN 12390-5: 2009

Compressive strength of concrete cylinders

ASTM C1231 / C1231M - 12

Soil Classification

Natural Moisture Content            

BS1377 Part 2 Clause 3.2

Water Content 

BSEN17892 Part 1           

Plasticity Index  

BS1377 Part 2 Clause 4 & 5

Linear Shrinkage

BS1377 Part 2 Clause 6.5

Particle Density             

BS1377 Part 2 Clause 8

Saturation Moisture Content of Chalk         

BS1377 Part 2 Clause 3.

Bulk Density       

BS1377 Part 2 Clause 7

PSD (Grading Analysis) Wet & Dry Sieve

BS1377 Part 2 Clause 9.2 & 9.3

PSD Sedimentation by Hydrometer           

BS1377 Part 2 Clause 9.5

Aggregate classification

UCS (Unconfined compressive Strength)  

ISRM Parts 1 & 2: 1981

LA (Los Angeles Coefficient)

BS EN 1097 Part 2

Aggregate Grading

BS EN 933 Part 1

Constituents of Recycled materials

BS EN 933 Part 11

Magnesium Sulphate Soundness 

BS EN 1367 Part 2

Frost Heave Analysis

BS 812 Part 124

Earthworks and Compaction

Optimum Moisture Content / Maximum Dry Density (2.5 kg / 4.5 kg) 

BS1377 Part 4 Clause 3   

Optimum Moisture Content / Maximum Dry Density (Vibrating Hammer)

BS1377 Part 4 Clause 3   

Laboratory California Bearing Ratio (CBR)

BS1377 Part 4 Clause 7

Moisture Condition Value (MCV)

BS1377 Part 4 Clause 5   

Maximum / Minimum Density

BS1377 Part 4 Clause 4   

Effective Stress

One Dimensional Consolidation

BS1377 Part 5 Clause 3   

Quick undrained Triaxial

BS1377 Part 7 Clause 8 & 9

CU/CD Effective stress Triaxial    

BS1377 Part 8    

Shear Box

BS1377 Part 7 Clause 4 & 5


The list supplied is not exhaustive. If you can't see the test you require please contact us.                                                                                                    

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