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SOCOTEC’s team of occupational hygienists and environmental scientists use science and engineering to prevent ill health caused by exposure to hazards in the workplace.

Our team of experts specialise in risk assessment and can introduce a range of effective measures to reduce risks to health in the workplace, helping employers and employees to understand, minimise or eliminate these risks. These skills could prove particularly important in protecting workforces from exposure to COVID-19, providing reassurance to employees and ensuring they can return to work safely.

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Environmental Swabbing – COVID-19 Detection on Surfaces

While knowledge surrounding COVID-19 is still in its early stages, preliminary research suggests that contact with the virus via contaminated surfaces serves as a potential source of infection. Although the virus will degrade over time, studies have shown that on certain surfaces, it has the potential to remain active for up to three days.

SOCOTEC has introduced a new method for environmental testing, where surfaces are sampled by our trained field consultants using sterile swabs following documented procedures. These are subsequently analysed for the presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus strain that causes Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), by our partner laboratory using RT-PCR techniques.

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Water Safety

Many buildings will have temporarily been out of use during the COVID-19 pandemic, with vastly reduced use of services, be it cooling systems or domestic hot and cold water services. This will actually increase the risk of Legionella proliferation. 

Click here for SOCOTEC’s advice on managing water systems during mothballing and subsequent recommissioning. Further guidance from the Legionella Control Association on maintaining water systems during the COVID-19 pandemic can be accessed here.

A number of measures must also be taken to comply with Health & Safety Executive’s Approved Code of Practice (ACOP) L8 and to ensure control measures implemented are effective. SOCOTEC can facilitate the provision of the following services to help control Legionella bacteria in water systems:

  • Cooling tower/water feature water services
  • Tank and water distribution system cleaning and flushing
  • Monthly temperature checks
  • Quarterly shower cleaning
  • Annual cold-water tank inspections and temperature checks
  • TMV servicing
  • Consultancy and advice on re-occupying buildings
  • UKAS accredited* Legionella risk assessment (No. 6123)
  • Remote monitoring

Organisations must also take into account the pending increase in ambient temperatures, which simply adds to any potential for bacterial proliferation. Have you also considered re-instatement and possible disinfection of essential plant, such as reverse osmosis and base-exchange water softeners?

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* A listing of SOCOTEC’s UKAS accredited activities can be found in our schedules of accreditation – Testing Laboratories 1015 and Inspection Body 6123.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality has a major influencer on public health. In facilities that rely on mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems, there is the risk of developing Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). By monitoring air quality in your workplace, you can optimise the wellbeing and health of your employees by reducing the risk of SBS and providing a comfortable environment to work in.

As part of an ongoing commitment to building trust and safety for a sustainable world, SOCOTEC’s environmental scientists use state-of-the-art equipment to conduct outdoor and indoor air quality testing, monitoring and assessment services. Click here to find out more about SOCOTEC’s range of Air Quality Monitoring and Assessment services.

Business Ready Support Packages

To ensure that your facilities are safe, compliant and operational in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, SOCOTEC’s range of testing, inspection and compliance services provides a complete solution to support and guide organisations through these challenging times. Packages include:

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