Specialist Services

SOCOTEC is one of the UK’s leading providers of technical services, offering a full range of metallurgical, materials science and component testing services.

With a choice of laboratory-based analysis and examination or in situ testing and monitoring, SOCOTEC’s experienced in-house team can relate and assess material performance to ensure the quality of products, structures and assemblies as well as ensuring they comply with regulations.

Our projects vary in size from the testing of individual items through to complete structures and our in-house team can assess performance in terms of fatigue, wear, crack propagation, corrosion resistance and defect tolerance. Services are provided to a range of industry sectors including aerospace, automotive, petrochemical, medical, manufacturing, building and construction and the rail industry.

Our Services Include:

  • Site laboratories
  • Paints testing
  • Coatings testing
  • Expert witness
  • Metallurgy and welds testing
  • Contaminated soil COSHH
  • Fluid and lubricant condition testing
  • Air quality, noise and vibration monitoring