Radioactivity Measurements

SOCOTEC is committed to delivering fast and accurate results in support of nuclear decommissioning projects.

Providing Accurate Analytical Data

With decades of experience working with the UK nuclear industry, SOCOTEC understands the importance of measuring levels of radioactivity in samples efficiently and providing accurate analytical data in the quickest possible time.

As such, the company possesses automated sample preparation equipment which enables reduced turnaround times for clients who require a complete analytical service to support projects.

Radioactivity Analysis Equipment

SOCOTEC’s decommissioning sample preparation equipment allows its nuclear chemists to mechanically prepare samples for analysis and determine the levels of radiation present in the sample:

Equipment for preparation

  • Diamond precision saw – to accurately cut a sample to within 0.1mm (such as concrete cores)
  • Jaw crusher – to rapidly reduce hard samples to smaller sizes
  • Ball mill - to reduce and homogenize solid samples (such as concretes and soils)
  • Flail mill - to break down softer materials (like roofing felts and clothing)
  • Sample splitter - to produce representative sub-samples for analysis reducing the possibility of radioactivity ‘hot spots’

Equipment for measurement

  • High purity germanium detectors for gamma spectrometry
  • Ultra low level liquid scintillation counters
  • Gas-flow proportional counters
  • Alpha spectrometers

More about our services

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