Power Generation & Transmission

As an established provider, SOCOTEC offers testing, inspection and compliance services to some of the largest power generators nationwide.

As the UK Energy industry shifts its policy and impetus away from traditional fossil fuel reliance, SOCOTEC has evolved to cater for the needs of a changing market.

DECC projections indicate a renewables sector more than doubling in the next ten years and SOCOTEC is fully committed to supporting this growth area. With a current mix dominated by fossil fuels (predominantly coal and gas), a growing renewables sector and nuclear, SOCOTEC has capability within this mix to help your business.

Solid Fuels

As the largest independent solid fuel inspection company in the UK, SOCOTEC provides an extensive range of accredited analytical services with guaranteed integrity of data. Our central laboratory is supported by an extensive range of field and satellite laboratories to ensure national coverage.

We are active at all major ports, mines and many generator sites analysing over 60,000 samples a year representing over 50 million tonnes of traded coal, biomass, RDF and SRF.

Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA)

As part of our portfolio of services we offer Incinerator Bottom Ash (IBA) preparation, testing and analysis. Our environmental chemistry laboratory has vast experience in testing IBA and has even developed a methodology to reduce turnaround times to five days.


SOCOTEC’s well-established radiochemical laboratory offers the nuclear industry a broad range of radiochemical testing and analysis services on a variety of sample matrices.

Transmission and Distribution Networks

SOCOTEC has the capability to support large scale transmission and distribution projects either at project inception via our infrastructure and construction, or during operation through compliance testing services.

Stack Emissions

Our stack emissions monitoring business is one of the largest established MCERTS & UKAS accredited* consultancies, providing market-leading, professional and competitive monitoring and testing services throughout the UK, Ireland and internationally. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from routine monitoring for environmental compliance to calibration of emissions monitoring systems. Operating to the highest safety standards our resources and coverage enables us to provide a local service throughout the UK.


* A listing of SOCOTEC’s UKAS accredited activities can be found in our schedules of accreditation – Testing Laboratories 0001 and 1015