Land Geophysical Surveys

Geophysical surveying provides a non-destructive and cost effective method to locate and determine subsurface features and conditions. Whatever the nature of the site or survey requirements, SOCOTEC has the experience and expertise to carry out geophysical surveys to the most exacting technical requirements to deliver the most accurate results.

SOCOTEC’s expert surveying team uses the latest geophysical techniques, including seismic refraction, Multi-Channel Analysis of Surface Waves (MASW), Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Electrical Resistivity, Electromagnetic Conductivity and Magnetometry surveys. Surveys can be carried out for many different applications in a wide range of environments, such as structural surveys of piles or reinforcement, contamination profiling, and mapping geological interfaces.


Combining these services with comprehensive topographic, hydrographic, marine geophysical and underground utility detection capabilities, SOCOTEC provides a fully integrated ground and marine survey solution. With an extensive network of accredited offices and laboratories, SOCOTEC offers an industry-leading depth of technical expertise and plant resource to give clients the reliable data they need for successful ground engineering projects.


SOCOTEC provides the following geophysical survey techniques and services:

  • Pile length determination
  • Electrical resistivity surveys
  • Vertical electrical sounding
  • Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
  • Magnetic surveys
  • Microgravity surveys
  • Multi-channel analysis of surface wave surveys (MASW)
  • Geological profile
  • Shaft location surveys
  • Void location surveys
  • Unexploded ordnance (UXO) surveys


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