Hydrographic Surveys

Hydrographic surveys are an essential part of any marine engineering or infrastructure project. SOCOTEC provides a full suite of nearshore hydrography services, including high resolution mapping of seabed, rivers and lakes, tidal monitoring, current metering and coastal monitoring.

SOCOTEC’s multi-disciplinary team carries out hydrographic surveys for a diverse range of infrastructure projects such as windfarms, cable routes, pipelines and the development and maintenance of harbours. Surveys are completed using techniques such as multi-beam echo sounding, side scan sonar and acoustic Doppler current profiling (ADCP), together with geophysical, sediment and water sampling where necessary.


With decades of experience combined with onshore and offshore geophysical capabilities, SOCOTEC can offer a fully integrated ground and marine survey solution, extending from offshore through the intertidal zone and onto land. Through an extensive network of accredited offices and laboratories and an unrivalled pool of industry expertise, SOCOTEC provides clients with the data and consultancy they need to ensure the success of their marine projects.


In addition, SOCOTEC provides the following hydrographic survey techniques and services:

  • Seabed level measurement & monitoring
  • Site surveys
  • Positioning services
  • Quay, harbour wall & asset inspections
  • Pre and post-dredge surveys
  • Wreck surveys
  • Scour assessment
  • Water sampling
  • In situ environmental parameter measurement
  • Sediment sampling including benthic grab sampling, vibrocoring & drop coring
  • Lake and reservoir volume calculation including siltation measurement
  • Outfall surveys


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