Determining the Strength of Hardened Mortar

SOCOTEC is an established expert in materials testing and offers mortar strength testing throughout the UK.

The consequences of using mortar that does not meet the required methods of test for mortar specification can be far reaching. Indeed, if mortar laid at the build phase proves to be sub-standard it can result in the expense of demolition and rebuild as well as, in some cases, even costly insurance claims.


Keeping Compliant

Ensuring that mortar prisms are independently tested to the required specifications at the offset can save contractors, house builders, developers and brick layers time and money. By testing mortar for masonry to BS EN 1015 standards, SOCOTEC can provide the confidence that the batch is to the required quality and will stand the test of time.


Mortar Prism Testing for Quality Confidence

As mortar has a reputation for varying quality, SOCOTEC has developed the following services to provide you with the confidence that your material has been independently verified to meet the required standards:

  • Laboratory mortar preparation (from dry mixed silos)
  • Determination of flexural strength
  • Determination of compressive strength
  • Onsite extraction of hardened mortar to test for mix proportions via wet chemistry (BS 4551)
  • Detailed test report in line with BS EN 1015 standards

With a specialist mortar laboratory, SOCOTEC is able to test the following range of mortars:

  • Air-lime mortars
  • Air-lime/cement mortars
  • Cement and air-lime/cement mortars
  • Mortars with other hydraulic binders
  • Retarded mortars


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