Grease Testing and Analysis

SOCOTEC’s UKAS Accredited Laboratories provide grease analysis service to all industries.

With access to a wide range of laboratory instrumentation and support, we can also provide investigation, fault diagnosis and project development support to customers in all aspects of grease performance and component condition.

  • Contamination of the grease by component breakdown and wear
  • If the grease has become contaminated with water or other external contaminants and requires changing to prevent damage to components
  • Degradation of the grease where the grease is no longer providing the level of lubricity required by the equipment such as oxidation or change in consistency
  • Ensures that the correct additives are present in the right concentrations to maintain grease condition


  • Identify potential component failure
  • Assess grease condition and identify need for change based on condition rather periodicity
  • Investigate reasons for component failure
  • Review maintenance schedules and extend maintenance periodicity
  • Compare properties and effectiveness of greases


Interpretation of the analytical results is a critical stage in the provision of information to customers who have a requirement for grease analysis and our experience and knowledge provides them with a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the results with recommendations as to possible future actions.