Geotechnical Services

SOCOTEC's geotechnics division provides a diverse range of services for land-based and overwater projects, through geotechnical site investigations, surveys and geotechnical engineering.

As a leading geotechnical services provider and the UK’s number one choice for geotechnical site investigation, we provide a complete, integrated package of services, covering the whole project lifecycle from the pre-build phase through to site investigation, design, construction and the built stages.


Supported by our geotechnical laboratory, we can provide the following range of geotechnical services:

  • Site Investigation
  • Geotechnical and Environmental Consultancy
  • Geophysical, Hydrographic and Topographic Surveys
  • Structural Consultancy
  • Brownfield Regeneration
  • Interpretation of ground conditions for engineering works
  • Design and analysis
    • Ground improvement and soil stabilisation
    • Slope stability
    • Deep excavations
    • Failure investigations
  • Foundation engineering
    • Raft, pile and spread foundations
    • Retaining structures and cofferdams
    • Slope design
    • Soil reinforcement, nailing and ground anchors
  • Dynamics, vibrations and earthquakes
  • Seismic hazards, engineering vibration, liquefaction 


As part of our ground investigation services, we accurately investigate, test and advise on ground, geological and structural conditions. This includes the risks they pose, as well as identifying potential environmental impacts. Our reports then deliver the information required to create cost effective and safe solutions.


Our extensive experience in the UK, European and international markets covers a wide range of industries, such as: transports, water, energy (incorporating nuclear and renewables), civil engineering, brownfield regeneration, offshore development, commercial and residential properties. 

With qualified and experienced drillers, geotechnical site technicians, surveyors and geotechnical engineers, we can support end-clients with our wealth of knowledge and expertise for all sizes and types of projects. 



For more information on SOCOTEC's geotechnical services, contact us