Geophysical, Hydrographic and Topographic Surveys

SOCOTEC provides a comprehensive range of hydrographic, oceanographic, geophysical and topographical surveys for civil engineering, geotechnical and environmental investigations.

We provide innovative, tailor-made solutions to complex problems in demanding locations.

The key to cost effective delivery of a project lies in careful pre-planning. SOCOTEC has the expertise to optimise the design of a survey and provide valuable data either as stand alone service or part of a larger site investigation.

Our in-house resources are extensive and cover:

  • Hydrographic and Oceanographic Surveys
  • Marine Geophysical Surveys
  • Land Geophysical Surveys
  • Land and Topographical Surveys


From offshore through the inter-tidal zone and onto land, SOCOTEC is able to respond quickly with rapid mobilisation and industry leading reports tailored to your particular project. We can also provide consultancy and third party data interpretation services.

In the marine environment SOCOTEC has extensive expertise in seabed and sub-surface mapping projects together with oceanographic surveys in shallow nearshore waters, inter-tidal/estuarine areas and inland waterways. Our wide ranging survey experience encompasses port and harbour developments, windfarms, long sea outfall schemes, cooling water intakes, pipeline and cable route surveys, pre and post dredge surveys and coastal protection works.

The scope of our land based geophysical expertise covers surface and down hole techniques with projects involving:

  • Geological investigations and profiling
  • Identification of buried structures and voiding
  • Unexploded ordnance location
  • Contamination mapping
  • Pile length determination
  • In situ determination of geotechnical properties.


The application of these services range from power stations surveys to mineshaft location.

To complete the survey package, we offer full topographic survey services to provide detailed site surveys, structure elevations and site investigation locations.