Demolition and Recycled Materials Testing

SOCOTEC provides high quality and independent advice and in situ testing services that are associated with demolition and recycled material processing.

With over 30 years' experience we are able to effectively establish whether a material is compliant with a project specification, industry standard and/or legislation. In addition, our engineers and scientists offer specialist advice in a wide range of disciplines.


SOCOTEC understands that maximising the potential for a recycled material, particularly through waste recovery, can offer significant direct and indirect cost savings. With this in mind, the visual, physical and chemical assessment of a recycled material is essential to prove that it is no longer a waste and to ensure the best use of the recovered product, both in terms of areas for re-use and in gaining maximum benefit from its properties.


As the UK’s largest independent construction materials testing laboratory, we understand that quality assurance is vital. SOCOTEC's wide scope of sampling and testing methods is based upon current British and European Standards and is accredited by UKAS to comply with ISO/IEC 17025, the management standard for testing and calibration laboratories, and the Environment Agency’s MCERTS scheme. In addition, we hold ‘RISQS’ accreditation. Details of SOCOTEC’s accredited activities can be found here.

For more information about SOCOTEC's demolition and recycled materials testing, please contact us.