Cone Penetration Testing

The advantages of cone penetration testing (CPT) are significant in delivering high quality, real time geotechnical results with minimal soil disturbance.

High productivity gains are achieved due to the rapid penetration of the ground and small interval readings which enable greater definition of the test strata.

A range of penetrometers can be mounted on purpose built trucks and all terrain vehicles to analyse geotechnical data in situ using on-board data acquisition systems.

SOCOTEC are able to test the ground using a number of techniques including:

  • Piezocone for the determination of dynamic and equilibrium pore water pressures and parameter consolidation
  • Seismic cone for the determination of down-hole shear wave propagation velocity
  • Full displacement pressuremeter cone for the determination of soil strength and shear modulus
  • Mostap and GMF sampling systems for analysing undisturbed push samples
  • Magnetometer cone for the detection of magnetic anomalies associated with the presence of unexploded ordnance